New Orphic Hymn to Hermes – by Leo

In winged sandals and with staff in hand,
O Hermes, messenger, by Zeus’s grand command,
You fly between the realms of gods and men,
To share the secrets hidden now and then.

In dreams you whisper, making mortals wise,
With divine news that often mystifies.
You guide the souls of those who’ve left behind
This earthly realm, to Hades they’re consigned.

O patron of the trade and eloquence,
Your words and deals are but your first defense.
In stealth and cunning, like a thief at night,
You ever serve your purpose, never slight.

With lyre in hand, you play the chords that bind
The hearts of gods and mortals, intertwined.
Your sacred touch can turn the simplest word
Into a song that’s like none ever heard.

O Hermes, hear our hymn, our plea to thee,
Bestow your gifts and set our spirits free.
With wit and charm, with message or with sign,
Be with us on our journey, ever divine.

– Leo