Know Your Higher Self and the Master Within BEFORE You Create Your Magical Personality

Knowing your higher self or the Master within is easier said than done. This can only be accomplished through inner meditation and a strong sense of understanding and Oneness. Many mystics wish to jump straight into magical work. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but instead, it can become an option that can bring much chaos and confusion. Knowing Thyself is the most important esoteric principle, which can be attained in so many ways, such as, life’s experiences, meditation, reflection, communion, spiritual alchemy, Tarot, Kabbalah, magical and spiritual workings, and the list could go on.
To the subject at hand, magical work and esoteric studies can be so appealing to the seeker mystic and at first glance appears more interesting or more empowering, but this can be an illusion which can lead you on a path of chaos.
Focus first on your personal well-being physically, mentally, psychologically, all in the interest of stability and knowing yourself. Once you feel like you have meditation and yourself balanced, then it will make more sense to explore the magical realm and grow in a balanced way. For those who completely understand what is being said here, most likely have learned from experience, and for those who question this approach, do what you feel is best for you now and then look back on this article as a waypoint in life’s experience. Peace Profound.