The Seven Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment by Damian Sebouhian

The Seven Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment

The map to Cosmic Consciousness can be found in this Major Arcana spread

A Note on My Sources

The following information comes primarily from the teachings of my first occult teacher J. Owen Swift who was largely informed by Paul Foster Case and Ann Davies. Case founded the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) and Davies took over where Case left off as an extraordinary adept in the school of Ageless Wisdom.

This essay is far from comprehensive and is closer to a summary of the Seven Stages. I am currently writing a more detailed series of essays dedicated to each one of the stages. Stay tuned for the first installment to be posted in the near future.

How to Navigate the Tableau

The Fool is placed atop the three-tiered rows because the Fool is the Zero Key and does not represent a single number or step along the path. Rather, the Fool represents the Life-Power, or the “Spiritus” (in Latin), the “Ruach” (in Hebrew), the “Pneuma” (in Greek), the “Prana” (in Sanskrit), the “Qi” (in Mandarin/Chinese).

In other words, the Fool is unformed, raw, energy that is given specific expression within the archetypal avatars of the other twenty-one Major Arcana figures. In this regard, the Fool is like Christ Consciousness or Buddhahood: The alpha and the omega. The first and the last. God awakened to the Truth of the Self.

Moreover, the Fool is what we are striving to realize when we embark upon the Seven Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment — consciousness free from all the limitations of delusion.

The rest of the Tableau represents the map or grid or matrix that our conscious selves must navigate through in order to realize, among other wonderous things, our soul’s purpose.

The first (top) row represents what Paul Foster Case calls the “seven dominant mental states or principles.”

The second (middle) row represents the “intermediary activities, laws, or agencies” that the conscious states act through.

And the third (bottom) row represents the “conditions or phenomena resulting from the expression of the principles of the upper row through the agencies of the second row.”

Don’t get too hung up on the erudite language here, for I shall explain it in more practical terms, I promise.

So, those are what the rows indicate. What about the columns? There are seven columns and these seven columns represent the Seven Stages. We begin with Stage One, which Case titles: Bondage.

Stage One: Bondage

The Keys (cards) involved: The far left column of Key 1 (the Magician); Key 8 (Strength); and Key 15 (the Devil).

The Goal: To mentally free ourselves from the illusion of separateness and dualism which is created and perpetuated when we limit our perspective to the realm of the five senses.

Once mentally/intellectually freed from this fundamental lie of separateness, we begin the journey to awakening with the first truth of stage one: Our mind (the Magician) creates our reality. So, pay attention to your mind and use it wisely!

As the Magician, you must master the use of your tools as symbolized by the staff, cup, sword, and coin and the fundamental principles of creation described in this context by Case as representing the “Four Admonitions: To Will; To Know; To Dare; To Be Silent.

The last “admonition” he explains as being “the most important. Occult means ‘hidden’, and one of the first duties of a practical occultist is the practice of silence.”

The extent that you create a reality of free soul expression and healthy enjoyment of the material world (the Devil card in its upright position) versus bondage to the material world (The Devil card in its inverted, reversed position) is based on the purity of your creative capacities (as symbolized by the Strength card).

If you create solely from selfish, egotistical intentions (Strength reversed), you risk bondage to the material world.

If we create from a place of pure intentions and for the benefit of the highest good (as symbolized by the Lady in White in the Strength card) then we have achieved the appropriate yin/yang relationship between our creative force (the red lion) and our higher self, or soul-self (the Lady).

You’ve most likely heard the phrase: Be in the world, not of it. Or, “I’m not a human having a spiritual experience; I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.” That is the truth we are learning to embody in the First Stage.

Example of Bondage: “I don’t have any artistic talent and I only have a high school diploma, so I guess I’ll just work retail my whole life or marry someone rich so I don’t have to work.”

Example of Freedom from Bondage: “I will discover what it is I love to do that makes my heart sing and I will create (from my imagination) the circumstances that allow optimum expression of that love.”

Key Words/Phrases for the Three Cards:

The Magician (as the principal mode of consciousness): Mental concentration. Single-pointed consciousness. What you plant so shall you harvest. As above, so below; as within so without — and vice-versa.

Strength (as the mediator): Creative force guided and influenced by pure intentions, the soul.

The Devil (as the conditioned phenomena): The material world as it is experienced through the five senses. The result of the creative process as it is conducted by the Magician via Strength. Upright: fertility and mirth, the God Pan; Inverted: fear and bondage, the Devil as described by Christianity.


“My mind is focused on creating what my soul most needs and desires.”

“I am a center of expression for the Primal Will-To-Good which eternally creates and sustains the universe.”


“You must mentally identify yourself with the Magician. Every day you must take time to remember who and what you really are.” Paul Foster Case, Occult Fundamentals and Spiritual Unfoldment

Stage Two: Awakening

The Keys (cards) involved: High Priestess (Key 2); The Hermit (Key 9); The Tower (Key 16).

Goal: Once we have mentally freed ourselves from bondage and accepted our roles as the Magicians of our own lives, we have essentially created fertile spiritual ground conducive to increased “samadhi” experiences, or flashes of insights into the true nature of reality.

Stage one and two, as with all the stages, are not separate from each other; nor must they necessarily be experienced in a strictly linear fashion indicated by the spread. For example, one could have an awakening experience long before one has realized the illusion of separateness. Nevertheless…

The High Priestess is the yin to the yang of the Magician. The Magician is concentrated aware consciousness. The High Priestess is our subconscious, or, as Case liked to call it, the “transliminal consciousness” (transliminal means “across the threshold”).

To revisit the garden analogy, the Magician represents the gardener planting his seeds. The High Priestess represents the soil. As such, she is designed to grow whatever the Magician plants.

But this analogy is limited because the High Priestess isn’t just there to carry out the directives of the Magician. She represents the memory of everything that’s ever been planted within her “soil”.

This is why it’s so challenging at first to manifest and to create like a practiced, adept Magician. Most of us have so much programming to unplug from because we hadn’t realized that our thoughts were creating our reality. And so much of what we think about ourselves and about reality doesn’t come from us. It comes from our culture, other people, social media, etc.

This is where the Hermit enters the picture.

The Hermit takes over where the Magician left off. He tends the garden. He weeds out the unhealthy thoughts, ideas, and emotions, and monitors the light (as symbolized by his lantern), and waters and fertilizes the soil. (Note: The astrological correspondence to The Hermit is Virgo).

Another analogy for the Hermit as it relates to Virgo energy: The Hermit digests the thoughts, ideas, and emotions produced by the Magician and grown by the High Priestess, and he absorbs the healthy, nutritious ones and eliminates the waste (Virgo rules the digestive organs in case you were wondering).

All this “gardening” results ultimately in creating the circumstances for samadhi flashes, symbolized by The Tower card. The Tower looks like it’s depicting a catastrophe, but if you think of the Tower of Babble from the Bible, you’ll know that its destruction is positive and necessary for enlightenment.

The tower in The Tower card represents everything that was created when we believed in the world of illusion. The flash of lightning is coming from the sun in the card and that sun is the same as the lantern light wielded by the Hermit.

To put it another way: When we shed light on our past and evaluate it honestly and with the intention of creating a beautiful and healthy “garden” (or mind), our insights into who we are and the nature of reality deepens and we become more efficient at deciphering lies from truth, illusion from reality, healthy from unhealthy, etc.

Essentially, we become better Magicians, better at manifesting our soul’s deepest desires.

Key Words/Phrases for the Three Cards:

The High Priestess (as the principle): Universal Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Transliminal Consciousness, Memory; the soil that grows the seeds planted by the Magician.

The Hermit (as the mediator): The knowing light within; the watcher; discernment; wisdom that comes from experience.

The Tower (as the conditioned phenomena): Samadhi flashes; insight; destroyer of lies and illusions.


“I gently release all toxic, unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and ideas.”

“I easily and effortlessly realize the truth of every situation.”


“…Suddenly to see that one is immortal, suddenly to perceive that all other human beings and all the conditions of personal existence are working together to bring about the perfect realization of a cosmic plan which, in essence, is the outworking of the inmost reality of one’s own being is a reversal of personal and human consciousness which temporarily knocks one flat.” P.F.C., Occult Fundamentals, and Spiritual Unfoldment

Stage Three: Revelation

The Keys (cards) involved: The Empress (Key 3); The Wheel of Fortune (Key 10); The Star (Key 17)

Goal: After freeing ourselves from bondage (stage one) and after the lightning flash of awareness (stage two), there comes a period of calm and gradual growth.

As described by Case, “In the second stage, there is an uncomfortable overthrow of the false belief of the world, a momentary, but a never-to-be-forgotten glimpse of reality, of the absolute unity of life.

“In the third stage, this new conception of the Oneness of All begins gradually to unfold.”

Essentially the Seven Stages are about the process of enlightenment, which results in an ultimate shift of consciousness from separation/materialism perception to unity and oneness perception. From that fundamental base, we can supercharge our consciousness into higher, wider, deeper capacities.

When this happens we begin forming a brand new body, both at the physical level (all the way down to the trillions of cells in our body) and at the energetic level (which includes our chakras, our aura, and our torus field).

This rebirth and reforming of our body happen naturally, organically, and over time, and requires from us the unconditional love and nurturing symbolized by The Empress.

Through self-love and through showing appreciation and acceptance of others (no matter their stage of development), we open a portal to the karmic realms via the Wheel of Fortune.

The more self-care, nurturing, peace, and calm we cultivate at this stage, the more negative karma we purify, the more opportunity for awakening insights we create.

This brings us to cosmic consciousness awareness as symbolized by the Star card. As such, the most profound activities we can conduct to further our ripening process are all the traditional ones: yoga, meditation, qigong, massage, acupuncture, therapy, right diet, exercise, moderate (or no) use of drugs and alcohol.

The growth we want will happen very naturally at this stage as long as we help foster an atmosphere where growth can happen at all. If we are not moved to change any of our negative toxic behaviors, then we are unlikely to continue to have awakenings or progress along the path.

An example of this from my life: I had a powerful spiritual awakening in 2004 as described in the first two stages. However, soon after this awakening, my wife took our two daughters and left me for another life. This triggered in me a decade’s long depressive slump and I became an alcoholic, turning away from my spiritual path altogether.

But I never forgot that flash of awakening wherein my personality completely dissolved and I became one with Soul Consciousness.

Today, I’m back on the path and although I have yet to have an awakening as powerful as that first one in 2004, I’m much more mature in my process of taking it easy and letting things come to me as they will. In the meantime, I meditate, listen to binaural beats, and practice qigong and yoga every day.

I also eat well, exercise, and I completely removed alcohol from my diet.

Key Words/Phrases for the Three Cards:

The Empress: Nurture & Nature, Gestation, Beauty & Love, Lushness & Fecundity.

Wheel of Fortune: Opportunity, What goes around comes around, karmic laws, rotation, cyclic nature, fate, destiny, chance, probability, the cycle of cosmic expression.

The Star: Cosmic Consciousness, Meditation, Insights from above and beyond, towards a human utopia.


“I love and nurture myself for the benefit of all.”

“The universe provides me with opportunities for love and mature evolution.”

“I am receptive to cosmic consciousness.”


“When you can see that all your mental states are phases in the manifestation of the One Consciousness which directs the growth of trees and grasses, the flight of birds and insects, the flow of streams and the sweep of ocean currents; when you begin to feel that through your mind and body flows the power that holds the stars in their courses, the power that flames in countless suns, you are beginning to exchange mere intellectual assent for that true knowledge which has been called the doctrine of the heart.” — P.F.C.

Stage Four: Organization

The Keys (cards) involved: The Emperor (Key 4); Justice (Key11); The Moon (Key 18)

Goal: Stage four is remarkably similar to stage three in that it involves a further ripening of our receptive faculties, but instead of an overall meditation meant to nurture our energetic and physical bodies, in stage four we are actively focusing on two specific aspects of our consciousness: clear sight and right action.

The Emperor as the guiding principle rules the head (like Aries in the Zodiac), and, more specifically the brain. More specifically still, the Emperor is all about Clear Sight/Vision. In order to “rule”, the Emperor must see clearly.

As such, Case suggests that we direct our meditation practice towards the part of our brain that governs sight, esoterically (and physiologically) speaking. The Hindus call it the “Cave of Brahma” in the center of the brain. Case identifies that area as the section from the medulla up to the pituitary gland.

Moreover, Case says that the meditation practices we employ should act as directives to the cells in our brain — our literal cells — which he insists are “living beings” and “centers of consciousness” that are “always amenable to the control of your objective mind.”

He suggests the type of meditation one should use here is auto-suggestion and is most optimally practiced right before one falls asleep at night (or during a nap) during what is called the hypnogogic state. To increase your receptivity here, I suggest finding a binaural beats track on YouTube or (what I use) an app called Sacred Acoustics.

This type of yogic meditation is practiced widely now and it’s called Yoga Nidra.

Along with focusing on increasing one’s Clear Sight faculties, this stage is about cultivating what the Buddhists call “Right Action”.

Case describes it this way: “The riper we become, the better we understand that the secret of right action is the giving up of all attachment to results. Attachment is the desire to see a particular manifestation of name and form. It is a phase of the delusion of separateness.

“Do whatever comes to hand with no thought but that the doing shall be your very best. That is the secret of right action.”

To sum up Stage Four, we direct our meditations (The Emperor) by carefully and intuitively weighing what processes work best for us (Justice), and in doing so we will create a state of consciousness that taps into ancestral and past-life knowledge that makes our physical and energetic bodies conducive to “obeying” our directives (The Moon).

After we finish this organization meditation, we “let it go” by releasing all attachments to results. (Think of the phrase: “Let go, and let God”)

Key Words/Phrases for the Three Cards:

The Emperor: Clear Sight/Vision, motivated towards a bright future, Directives, Orders, Organizing principle, Inspired, Leading the way.

Justice: Balance, Weighing the options judiciously, mental clarity.

The Moon: Psychic phenomena, past lives, the house of the soul.


“My vision is pure and true and reaches far and wide.”

“I am able to recall all of my past lives as easily as I can recall the events and lessons of my current life.”

“Thank you beautiful brain cells for all that you do! I send you love and light and ask that you help support optimum sight/vision health and function.”

Quote: “[Through meditation, the Life-Power] shows us, step by step, what lies ahead of us on the journey along the path which leads upwards from the plain of sense-life and third-dimensional consciousness to the height beyond.

“On those heights, as one who looks down from a mountain-peak sees in one glance a hundred separate forms of life below him on the plain, we shall see as a whole what now we see only in part.” — P.F.C

Stage Five: Regeneration

The Keys (cards) involved: Hierophant (Key 5); Hanged Man (Key 12); The Sun (Key 19)

Goal: Like with all the stages, your goal here is to embody the energies of the first Key of the stage, in this case, the Hierophant.

The Hierophant is the ultimate Knower of Truth and Spiritual Teacher. He has expanded his vision as the Emperor-consciousness in stage four. Now, in Stage Five, he has ripened his understanding.

But before he can Know and Speak the Truth, he must go through another test. The essence of this test has been described in many religious and mythological traditions, from the tale of Osiris and Horus, Jesus in the desert, Buddha under the bodhi tree, and Odin hanging from Yggdrasil (the World Tree).

A sacrifice must be made, and it’s the ultimate sacrifice known today as Ego Death. All your needs, fears, ideas, assumptions that come from years of personality formation, must be surrendered and replaced with the pure knowledge of the Life-Force energy.

Jesus went to the desert for forty days and forty nights, fasted and endured temptations; Buddha (as Siddhartha Gautama) sat beneath a bodhi tree for 49 days (seven weeks); Horus and Odin both lost an eye in their respective sacrifices, the symbology being that in order to gain inner wisdom, they had to sacrifice their attachment to outer sight.

This sacrifice is symbolized by the Hanged Man in the fifth stage. Now, am I suggesting that you have to go to the desert or sit under a tree for an extended period of time? Certainly not.

It really comes down to creating your own ritual and being clear with your intentions.

When I had my awakening experience in 2004, the ritual I participated in was a combination five-day liquid fast, followed by a “seven door” sweat lodge, followed by a breathing meditation that triggered an intensely amazing kundalini rising experience. My ego was sucked from the top of my head, replaced by my soul or higher self.

I knew the Truth of reality in a way I never had before. It was more than conceptual knowing. It was experienced knowing.

However, since I hadn’t properly prepared myself with the prior four steps, my awakening didn’t fully “take”. A week after my awakening, some minor conflict occurred that triggered me out of soul awareness and back into my ego perspective.

Today, I have more patience and therefore I interact with the stages, including stage five, in a plodding, day-to-day manner. My ego is strong and does not like to surrender power so easily. So my way is to slowly integrate my ego into my higher self, such that now, my ego rather enjoys it when he gets to sit back and let my higher self “take the wheel”.

Whatever methods you employ, the goal is to surrender the ego for the wisdom of the higher self (whether at an ultimate level or at a measured step-by-step level).

Once this is accomplished, the Sun (as the card of the same name) of enlightenment will shine through you from deep within your soul and you will, as Jesus said, “receive the kingdom of God like a child…”

Key Words/Phrases for the Three Cards:

Hierophant: Channeler of the Life-Force; Teacher; Knower; Higher Self.

Hanged Man: Sacrifice; New Perspective; Ego-Death; Reflection; Contemplation.

The Sun: Illumination; Innocence Reborn; the Soul shining from within.


“I let go of my personal desires and listen to the Teacher Within.”

“My Inner Child is healed of all its wounds and awakens within me refreshed and renewed.”

“I am an unobstructed channel for my higher self’s expression.”

Quote: “Submit yourself wholly to the guidance which comes, not from above and without, but from within, at the very center of your being. The law you must obey is not that of an alien sovereign, usurping the direction of your life. It is your own law, the perfect method of the Eternal One expressing itself through you. Know it, open yourself to it, live it moment by moment and day by day. This is to begin the life of conscious liberation.” — P.F.C.

Stage Six: Realization

The Keys (cards) involved: The Lovers (Key 6); Death (Key 13); Judgement (Key 20)

Goal: The sacrifice we made of our constructed personality/ego in Stage Five leads to a new re-integration between our subconscious mind and conscious mind (The Lovers); this results in a Realization that death is not an end, but a new beginning (Judgement), a true transformation of our mind such that it may escape the confines of the third dimension (the material world) and fully access the fourth dimension known as the Astral Realm.

In essence, Stage Six is about dying without dying and being reborn with an expanded consciousness that can now perceive and interact with the fourth dimension of time and space!

We’ve all experienced the astral realm, most often in our dreams.

Dreams are a perfect representation of what the fourth dimension is like. The boundaries in a dream of time and space don’t really exist. Phenomena occur that could never take place in “real life”. Yet, often, we don’t realize we are dreaming, so we still perceive ourselves as being limited, and sometimes even as victims in a nightmare.

Unless, of course, we are lucid dreaming.

In Stage Six of Spiritual Unfoldment, a person has gone from being a dreamer in a dream she didn’t know she was in, to a dreamer who realizes that all this firm “reality” is no more than a dream.

From this place of awareness, all your affirmation and manifestation practices are highly accelerated, often at an instantaneous clip.

This is an actual theory that’s been tossed around in certain scientific circles. You might know it as “Simulation Theory”.

One of my favorite comedians Bill Hicks sums up what this stage is like in one of his brilliant “jokes” about what it would look like if a newscaster reported on a positive “drug” story :

“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively; there is no such thing as death; life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the Weather.”

As a child, I had multiple “astral” experiences (including being able to see the faces of my past lives in the mirror when I’d wake up in the middle of the night), so I was fascinated to read that this is common among children, according to Case.

“The spinal cord is a tube. In young children, it is open at the lower end, so that the serpent-power coiled in the sacral plexus can rise through it. That is why little children [frequently] have astral vision, and why they sometimes have animal and human invisible playmates.

“As they grow older this tube is closed at the lower end, in order that the greatly increased activity of the Mars-force in the sacral plexus at the time of puberty may not cause the serpent force to rise prematurely and destroy the brain.

“When the practical occultist seeks to gain astral vision again, he must apply the Marse-force to the destruction of the cells that close the lower end of the tube. But opening it again, he becomes ‘as a little child.’”

Key Words/Phrases for the Three Cards:

The Lovers: Integration of the masculine & feminine principles (or consciousness and subconsciousness); communication from the higher self, duality transformed into trinity consciousness.

Death: The forces of change; Transformation; the last “enemy” to be overcome by “overcoming evil with good” and “Love your enemies”; physical dissolution.

Judgment: Rebirth; entering the astral realm; the fourth dimension.


“I transcend the boundaries of time and space with love and understanding.”

Practice chanting using words syllables like “OM, or AUM”. Here are some more suggestions.


“All practice of this kind has just one object, and that is to get the inadequate personality out of the way, so that the true Self, which knows just what to do and how to do it, may find no resistance to the free expression of its perfect mastery of mind and body.” — P.F.C.

Stage Seven: Cosmic Consciousness

The Keys (cards) involved: The Chariot (Key 7); Temperance (Key 14); The World (Key 21)

Goal: Through successful integration of all the dualities of our existence — primarily the energetic and the physical, the subconscious and the conscious, the yin and the yang (as indicated in the symbology of the Temperance card) — we “build” our body anew (The Chariot) and enter the “Kingdom of Heaven” (The World).

And what is the “Kingdom of Heaven”? It is the ultimate reality of the physical world of existence stripped of all illusion embodied in our flesh.

A famous quote by the Sufi mystic Rumi sums it up perfectly: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop”.

It is one thing to grasp this fractal nature of reality intellectually — the entire ocean in a drop, just as we have the entire human in a single cell — it is another thing altogether to live this truth as a real conscious experience.

Cosmic Consciousness (the title of this stage) is the ultimate goal and as the ultimate goal, it far surpasses anything we can compare it to.

In Stage Six we can move our consciousness like a lucid dreamer in a dream, navigating the fourth dimension of the Astral realm at will. While this is amazing in and of itself, it’s describable; it is something we can visualize and conceptualize and communicate to others.

With Cosmic Consciousness, there are no words to describe it, because it is a place beyond words, beyond thought. As a matter of fact, it is the mind devoid of all thought, all concepts, all ideas. It is the I Am at blissful oneness with all existence.

Many Near-death experiencers have claimed that they entered a realm that sounds a lot like Cosmic Consciousness, and they all expressed how impossible it is to put that experience into words. One such person is Dr. Eben Alexander.

There has been a lot of talk in New Age circles lately about the Cosmic or Galactic Federation of Light beings. Supposedly, these are beings who have realized and exist in Cosmic Consciousness and have been aiding humanity during these times in our collective evolution towards reaching that same destination.

I like to think that this is the case and that we are nearly there, but we still have to “do the work” as individuals. It’s not about waiting to be saved, and it certainly is NOT about transcending the physical world and escaping the third dimension.

This idea of “escape” and transcendence has long been misunderstood. There is nothing to transcend except for our misconceptions, there is nothing to escape except our own prison of delusions.

The emphasis, therefore, should not be on transcendence, but rather on realizing the power of our own mind and integrating our consciousness with the consciousness of the One Power — that which is the creator of all reality and IS all of reality, which ultimately is…drum roll, please…us.

You are the One Power. You are God manifested in a body.

And here’s the real kicker. Your body has the entire body of the universe — all of time and space and everything else — inside of it.

It only seems like you are separate. Once you realize — experientially — that you are not separate from the One, the mind becomes empty of all defilements and you experience the universe as you really are.

Your body becomes like the Chariot, a perfect vehicle of light and consciousness, a Merkaba field of pure awareness capable of traveling anywhere in time and space, to interact with all the vast beings of light and love that fill the universe.

Key Words/Phrases for the Three Cards:

The Chariot: The Merkaba; Vehicle of light embodied in the flesh; Vehicle that “carries us from thought to the consciousness beyond it.” NOTE: here is some more information about the Merkaba

Temperance: Alchemy’s conclusion; IHVH (Yod He Vau He), the syllables of creation; The Builder; The transmutation of the corruptible body into one that is incorruptible.

The World: Consciousness beyond thought; the Plan of Creation Revealed and Experienced; the Kingdom of the Life-Power. Freedom from delusion.


“The Kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh.”

“In thought and word and deed, I rest my life from day to day upon the sure Foundation of Eternal Being.”

“I am that I Am.”

Quote: “No one who has eaten of the fruit of this tree may describe it as it really is. [She] will understand the meaning of all descriptions of this experience. [She] will know how hopeless are all attempts to define it. [She] will know, too, that the vagueness of the various accounts arises from no vagueness in the experience.

“The consciousness beyond thought is crystal-clear, sharply defined, free from the least suspicion of haziness. Its very clearness is what makes it ineffable. We have no words to convey such a fullness of meaning. our language is built to describe piece-meal no experience. How can it express what one has recorded as ‘being everywhere, and all at once.’?” — P.F.C.



1. Bondage, free yourself from limitation, restriction and illusion
2. Awakening, awareness of what is important, making choices
3. Revelation, understanding of Oneness and the All
4. Organization, establishing clear sight and right action
5. Regeneration, release and moving to the next level of your personal work and unfoldment
6. Realization, a new re-integration between our subconscious mind and conscious mind
7. Cosmic Consciousness, integration of all dualities to a state of mind, of Oneness