Positio Fraternatatis (2001)

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M A N I F E S T O Positio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis Salutem Punctis Trianguli! In this, the first year of the third millennium, in the sight of the God of all beings and of all life, we, the … Continued

The Chemical Marriage

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THE self-admitted author of The Chemical Marriage, Johann Valentin Andreæ, born in Württemberg in 1586, was twenty-eight years of age when that work was first published. It was presumably written about twelve years prior to its publication–or when the author … Continued

Vault of Christian Rosenhreutz

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(Images from Paul Goodall)   There appeared to our sight a vault: Seven sides and corners, every side five foot broad, and the height of eight foot. Although the sun never shined in this vault, nevertheless it was enlightened with … Continued